7 Things I Do For Morning Courage

I usually don’t have a problem getting ready for work. I run a laboratory and it’s an exciting place. My days are never truly the same. But, when the weather is cold (like today), and I’m really not looking forward to my day’s projects, I need some help with motivation. Daily life can be scary.

These are the 7 things I do in the morning to build up my courage before a day’s work:

  1. Press snooze button – Courage takes time. More is better!
  2. Step into shower – Courage can’t stink, can it?
  3. Maintain oral hygiene – practice courageous kindness. You don’t want to test other peoples’ courage. Seriously, that’s rude.
  4. Concoct the ritual drink – see here. Or here. Can you tell what it is?
  5. Kiss Wife’s Cheek (before step #3) – Practice courage.
  6. Replace pajamas with other clothes – your courage testing should stay at home.
  7. Look in mirror – if you’re not afraid, then you are courageous.

Have a great day everyone!

Somewhere in Canada, before a bridge, on a sidewalk

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