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How to Be More Mindful at Work (and Play)

I read a lot of blogs. Here is one that I enjoyed.

These are some good tips for hobbyists at home as well as the workplace.

In between endless emails, meetings and phone calls, it can be hard to find a mindful moment in a busy working day.

In a world where we are forced to deal with continuous demands, an overload of information and where our work/life balance struggles to endure, it is important that we learn to take a few moments out of the working day to reflect and recharge.

Being mindful at work means becoming more aware of yourself, your environment, and what your body and mind need to fully function.

Without taking mindful moments, we become easily susceptible to feelings of exhaustion, reduced health and wellbeing, and lack of focus.

Taking time out from the working day – whether it’s an hour for lunch or a couple of minutes in the afternoon – can help us to tackle stress, combat burnout and promote feelings of positivity.

Not sure where to start? Read…

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