Make it happen. Just play!

Bye, 9-5!

I’ve been busy with school and my full time job, so it’s not so easy to fit in painting. BUT I’ve been really inspired and excited to paint, so when I get the chance, I’m really focused.

My main goal lately has been to get used to the feel of paint again and mixing colors. I’ve been working on 30 min pieces where I can just explore the medium.

In exploring the paint in this way, I’m finding out my style of painting. Of course I’m still making landscapes, but they are growing more and more abstract. I want to do more with this, so I’ll keep practicing.

I’ve been using a reeves gouache set that was really inexpensive from the store.


My setup is really simple, and I’m just working on my desk.

I like working with these paints, though I’m used to being able to blend more. I…

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