An informative article on basing miniatures for tabletop games and other sculpts


Texture gelBack when I first started out with Warhammer 40k, I kind of thought all the fancy bases that I saw were nice, but ultimately a little unnecessary. It didn’t take me long to change my mind.

One of the things I like best about this hobby is that it’s a constant learning process. I’ll pick up a tip after reading an article or learn something from a YouTube video, and I’ll incorporate it into what I do with my hobbying. One of the things I’ve sort of changed my mind on recently because of this constant learning is basing the miniatures. For anyone not in the know, or if you haven’t quite bought into the wargaming thing yet, the bases that come with the miniatures often aren’t decorated at all. They’re just a black, flat, plastic disc, and you can definitely keep them that way if you want to. They’ll…

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  1. Title struck me as funny, because I tend to make everything much harder than it needs to be. Bases for example, The standard slottas, have to have the gaps filled in, get weighed, added washer for magnetizing, milliput to fill out the bottom, and base trim painted. It’s a whole process in itself. But important enough for the games.

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