Some quick and useful tips for honing creativity while you’re busy or just simply stuck.

artists R us

A big way artists get their art noticed and their name recognized is to have their own unique art style. Vincent Van Gogh’s art is recognized by his visible brush strokes in his paintings. Salvador Dali is famous for his surreal style and, obviously, his melty clocks. Here are some ideas to help you find your art style!

  • Doodle or sketch a lot.

Drawing often can help you get better as well as give you some ideas. Fill a sketchbook. Doodle alongside your notes. Draw something you’ve never drawn before. Sketching is always the way to go if you’re trying to improve your art.

  • Try a new medium.

Use something you don’t have much or any experience doing. You might find your new favorite craft. Look up videos and teach yourself or have a friend who knows how show you. You won’t know if you like it til you try it!

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