A Warmachine/Hordes post: This is a re-blog from a Grymkin site I’m following with great overviews of the different casters and how they synergize within the faction.

Here is an excellent post about the King of Nothing. This is a warlock I have little experience playing, but have found him to be a tool box of different powerful abilities.

In general, Grymkin as a faction as an easier time facing off against a multitude of other lists because of their intrinsic versatility with arcana usage (three powerful abilities that can be used once per game that trigger off some event that occurs within a game). The reactionary gameplay mechanic of Grymkin is what drew me to playing the army in the first place.

Not sure what’s Warmachine/Hordes, or why you should play it? See this post.

Site Title

We are nothing; less than nothing, and dreams. We are only what might have been…

I can’t believe it! I never posted about the most recent list I’ve been running with the King of Nothing. As many of you know I started Grymkin with him and I’ve come a long way from what I thought would work, to what I enjoy playing. He’s still easily my favorite caster. His toolbox, and abundance of decisions makes for really dynamic game play. That being said I’ve been working on getting a solid tournament pair. As many of you know I was keeping him in Dark Menagerie with light beast spam. While this was a great list, I was really having issues with high def armies. In addition I decided that my best bet into Ghost Fleet would likely be a caster in Dark Menagerie. So to keep my pair diverse…

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