A few years ago when I was just getting back into miniatures, models, and wargaming, I stumbled upon Hero Forge.

At the time, they had a handful of options for customization, and the prices were a bit much, but I picked up a couple anyway. I was impressed by their Miniature Designer which felt a lot like an MMO character creation screen and I loved the way you could alter facial expressions and poses. It was a stunning idea, utilizing 3D printing technology to take the designs you create and literally form them in plastic.

But back then in 2016, the only plastic options available were relatively terrible. When the miniatures arrived I found them wanting. Well… see for yourself.

a533ea1b-2e6c-494a-b3b1-32171e308b3c From 2016. Nailed it!

Now if the above picture doesn’t leave you impressed, imagine how I felt after paying $25 for it. The details were basically obscured by the…

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