Do you want your models to stand apart from all the rest? Did you ever want to try your hand at making your own sculpts, but wasn’t sure where to start? A great place to take your miniatures to the next level is to use epoxy putty to sculpt something new or modify what you already have.

This article is a wonderful overview of the use of Green Stuff, the putty medium that all the pros still use for making what’s imagined into reality. Read more here!61FANhNqPeL._SL1000_

Imperial Discipline

So you’ve honed your painting skills and got a sizable number of minis tabletop ready. You’ve created detailed, thematic bases for your units and have a cohesive army. Now, you want to know what’s next – what else can you do to make your creations stand out?

Well, why not try modding with Green Stuff?

Let’s explore.

What is Green Stuff?

Green Stuff is the name of an epoxy putty used mainly for modeling in miniatures. It’s sold by a number of different brands (including Games Workshop) and also goes by the name Kneadatite, and usually is sold in a strip of connected yellow and blue bars.

(There are similar products out there, such as Milliput – use whatever you feel most comfortable with!)

The yellow putty cures softer, and the blue putty cures harder. By mixing various amounts of the two products (into, bang flash, various shades of…

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