A nice overview on whittling and carving wood – it’s a great hobby for young and old, and perhaps one of the purest forms of creating artwork without a lot of tools; just the knack for applying constant pressure and time.

Michael Keller Woodcarving

What is it that I am doing anyway?  Is it whittling or is it woodcarving?

Whittling is a form of carving that is done generally by using nothing more than a knife.  And a purist would argue that whittling is done by using nothing more than a “pocket” knife.  Whittling is an American term which, as I state above, means to carve using a knife.  It is kind of a sub-category of woodcarving.  Elsewhere in the world, if you were to carve using a knife, it would be referred to as woodcarving.

The history of whittling really begins in early Americana where crafty folks could whittle just about anything, anywhere.  During the early years, a pocket knife was inexpensive, it could be easily and safely carried, and it could be easily sharpened.  And, good soft wood was readily abundant… mostly pine or willow back then.

I recently read an article…

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