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Horror Genre: Dean Koontz versus Stephen King

I’m at the bookstore. It’s the Halloween time of year, and I want a scary book. I have many favorite authors, but only two really peak my interest year after year.

And it comes down to deciding between Dean Koontz and Stephen King.

Pennywise (IT - Stephen King)

Pennywise the clown

When it comes to horror fiction, Dean Koontz beats Stephen King when it comes to imagery. Hands down, Mr. Koontz is better at making you feel scared by describing visuals, sounds, smells, the whole environment in metaphoric detail.

However, on the other hand, Stephen King is the absolute master of dialogue and causal drive-by description (i.e., imagery lite).

Who is more effective in scaring you?

I think Mr. King has the lead, but just slightly.  Might be because, I think, he makes things personal.  He makes you get to know the-guy-next-door whose about to pull a knife on you or suck your blood with this mandibles.

Dean Koontz reads faster, which is good for airplane flights. Jump in, jump out (the book that is).

Stephen King is good for rooms with lots and lots of lights with the TV on.


And preferably not alone in the alone in the lab/office at night (like right now).

There’s like one noise here, and it’s footsteps?




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