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Tools of the Trade: Handy Things

Great review of some items that are handy (but not necessary) for painting and working with miniatures. I especially recommend the Citadel holder or other ergo-grip for painting longer and more comfortably.

Citadel holder

Jeweler’s clamp (works for miniatures!)

SparrowMarie Minis

This week’s blog is about things that are helpful but not necessary to have around.

“So what kind of things might I want to have around?”

First and foremost in my opinion are notebooks. Notebooks are handy for many things in the miniature painting world. You can use them to do things like plan out color schemes and write down recipes for mixing colors that you may want to remember. I’ve almost finished three at this point. I use some nice looking journals I picked up at the bookstore. I also picked up a sketch book to make my swatch journal which has been incredibly helpful with color scheming. 

notebooks.jpg“Swatch journal? This sounds a lot like a notebook, what’s up with that?”

Well it is but here’s why it’s different. I have a swatch journal and I’ve found it’s made a ton of difference in the speed of getting things…

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