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Historic District In The Evening

Great site for general thoughts on art, design, and photography. It’s a nice quiet read for those days sitting on a park bench or a cup of coffee in the early margin between wake and work.

Diary of Dennis

Lübeck in the evening

I thought I share a photo with you because lately I was a bit more silent. I played a lot more guitar than doing anything for my blog. Apart from that, real life kept me busy as well. But if you know me, that’s how I always dealt with my blog. Sometimes I am quiet, and other times I am annoying you with tons of posts per days (laugh). So, I went through my photo library and found the picture above. I shot the photo in November 2016 in the evening. I remember that I did pack my camera into the bag with the goal to practice night photography.

I shot the photo in the historic district of Lübeck near the St. Jakobi church. I found it a bit difficult to take the photo, but not because it was already dark. It was difficult to frame the shot, and…

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