Well, the East Coast had a snow storm that forced me to stay indoors. I didn’t have much regular work to do, so I decided to push these Space Marine Blood Angels out the door. They are a commission project that I finished in a single day.

I used Games Workshop and Vallejo brand paints. 50% 0f the job involved airbrush work, including the base coat, general shading and highlights, and glow effects (e.g., claws). All the metallics were from the Vallejo model air line of metallic paints. These metallics work really well with a regular brush, despite their design as airbrush paints.

For instruments, I only used an Iwata HP-C and a Raphael 8408 #2 round brush. All paints were mixed with water by varying amounts, depending on need. The total time to completion was between 6-8 hours.

The final photograph was taken in a miniature studio setup and a camera setup on a tripod. Lightroom was used to adjust shadow, contrast, and punch up the saturation (which I find is needed with a black background). I personally think the models look better in-person.  Not bad for a day’s hard work….better than pushing snow off my driveway.




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