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Quick n’ Dirty Stormwall Colossal (speed painting) — Progressing….

On our regular gaming nights at our local game store, I was asked by a newly visiting player if I could restore/refurbish his Cygnar Stormwall colossal.

He gave me a time-limit of 6 days (until our next gaming night). Impulsively (and never to turn-down a challenge) I accepted!

85% complete

I had 6 days to fully restore a badly treated (at least it looks like it), damaged, huge base model.

Another variable was that it wasn’t studio color scheme, but customized. So I had to dig through my library of paint pots  to see if I could match his army’s scheme. The Stormwall is primarily painted with a desaturated red/brown tone, accented by a baby-blue color in various places. Desaturated red/brown….

All I could think of is “pumpkin” orange for highlights. Skipping ahead for now, I locked down the colors and began mapping  out the zones where colors were supposed to go (panel by panel). Of course, I realized that each rivet needed to be painted metallic gold one-by-one.

From the looks of the model, flash and gaps were not cleaned/filled — so if I did any brushwork to glaze, it would be hard to keep things smooth. This would obviously be an airbrush job.

My aim is to get it to a solid tabletop standard: high contrast, high dynamic range between light and dark, and maybe throw in some poor-man’s OSL to boot. Here’s some work in-progress pictures. I don’t expect the finished product to be my best work; but it will be my best work with the limitations given to me.

More photos incoming….stay tuned 😀


85% complete….paint still drying on the base.




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