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Menoth Crusader Warjack – Quick n’ Dirty Paint Job

One night I decided to paint my third Crusader heavy warjack. You never know when you might need another one of these beat-sticks. The Harbinger’s tier 4 theme list comes to mind, of course.

Anyway, my approach here was to paint the model quickly and without worrying too much about referencing all the exact colors to the studio scheme. I had painted this guy twice already and had an idea of what he was supposed to end up looking like in the end anyway.

It is about a 90 minute paint job, and pretty fun considering I tried applying the two brush blending method instead of relying on my airbrush. The use of brushwork for most of the model was refreshing. No need for masking off areas, or worrying about messing up an airbrush blended area of the model; the application of brushwork allows you to fix mistakes more easily. I really like how the tones and contrasts on the white/ivory areas came out.


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